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Just for the Health of It - a health initiative provided by the librarians at The Library
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Special Services

Homebound Service :: Click to see a larger version

English As A Second Language

For English as a Second Language tutoring please contact:

  • Literacy NJ at 732-906-5456
  • East Brunswick Adult High School (night classes) at 732-613-6980.

The library does not offer English as a Second Language tutoring, but tutors and their students often meet at the library.

English as 2nd Language
English Conversation Group
Homebound Service
Outspoken Library


Join the Literacy Programs of New Jersey
(formerly Literacy Volunteers of Middlesex)

Literacy Programs of New Jersey

English Conversation Group

imageMeet at the library on Thursdays to practice your English speaking skills. Join our popular English Conversation Group which is held three times each year. Each session is scheduled for an average of eight weeks and meets on Thursday mornings and evenings. The group provides a comfortable setting for the practice of spoken English language skills. Participants must be 21 years of age or older, and able to read and speak some English before they are admitted to the group. The English Conversation Group is open to residents of Middlesex County and application forms are available at the Information Services Desk. For information please call Adult Services at (732) 390-6772.

For Internet resources for learning English see The Library's Recommended Websites: Best of the Web , East Brunswick International Community page.

Homebound Service

The library provides biweekly delivery of library materials to residents of East Brunswick who are permanently unable to visit The Library. Materials are selected and delivered by volunteers. This program is shared with the Department of Aging. For information contact the Adult Services Department at (732) 390-6772.

Outspoken Library

Do you have trouble holding a book, reading standard print, or turning the pages? The East Brunswick Public Library is a chosen Outspoken Library for all residents of Middlesex County. This audio book service brings the delight of books to all residents whose ability to read is affected by a vision impairment, a physical impairment or a reading disability. Once signed up for the service, you are given a digital audio player to keep at home. Outspoken Library offers thousands of unabridged books, including today's most popular books and many bestsellers. You can even listen to popular newsstand magazines. You tell the librarian which books and magazines you wish to enjoy and we download them for you onto a USB drive. All you need to do is plug the USB drive into your digital player at home and hit the Start Button.

The service is free to all users who qualify by having their doctor complete the Certificate of Eligibility within the application form. You can also contact the East Brunswick Public Library Information Desk at 732-390-6767 to arrange to meet with a librarian who will handle the registration process, discuss the types of books and magazines you prefer, and download books for your digital player.