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Peter & Max

Author: Bill Willingham
ISBN: 9781401215736
Fans of the Fables graphic novels are sure to love this dark fantasy story of Peter Piper and his older brother, Max. Includes the secret histories of such fan favorites as Bigby Wolf and Frau Totenkinder! Read more...

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Tim: Defender of the Earth

Author: Sam Enthoven
ISBN: 9781595141842
The author of Black Tattoo serves up a tale about TIM, short for Tyrannosaur, Improved Model. TIM's existence is a military secret, but when a nanobot plague breaks loose, it's up to the dinosaur to save the day. Read more...

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Author: Roderick,Gordon
ISBN: 9780439871786
In this sequel to Tunnels, young archaeologist Will Burrows must thwart the Styx's plans to exterminate the Topsiders. How can Will help protect everyone on the surface when he can barely keep himself alive? Read more...

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The Order of Odd-Fish

by James Kennedy
ISBN: 9780385735438
Part Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, part Discworld, part Alice in Wonderland, and part The Phantom Tollbooth, James Kennedy’s novel The Order of Odd-Fish is an absurdly hilarious adventure through a simply strange and wondrous world. Thirteen-year-old Jo has lived with her aunt since being left on the doorstep with a note saying “This is Jo. Please take care of her. But beware, this is a dangerous baby.” Following a series of crazy events at a party, Jo and her aunt are thrust into the bizarre world of Eldritch City where they must become members of the Order of Odd-Fish, a group of knights who research absolutely useless and meaningless things, but where Jo will ultimately discover who she is. Read more...

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The Devil’s Breath

by David Gilman
ISBN: 9780385735605
Fans of Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider series, take notice! This first novel in the new Danger Zone series by David Gilman is an action-packed thrill ride filled with danger, espionage, missing persons, exotic locales, ecological disasters, and imminent death at all turns. Nearly assassinated at his English boarding school, Max realizes that his suddenly missing explorer father has gotten caught up in a plan by an evil mastermind bent on creating an ecological crisis in Namibia. Max must brave jungles and henchman and many other obstacles to rescue his father and avert an environmental crisis. Read more...

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