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Lips Touch: Three Times

Author: Laini Taylor
ISBN: 9780545055857
Supernatural romance abounds in these three beautifully illustrated short stories. Read more...

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Selkie Girl

Author: Brooks, Laurie
ISBN: 9780375851704
Elin Jean knows she's strange—-but when she discovers the truth about just how different she is, she will have to make a difficult choice. Great for fans who like something different in their chick lit. Read more...

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Last Christmas: the Private prequel

by Kate Brian
ISBN: 9781416913696
Prequel to the bestselling Private series by Kate Brian. Before Reed Brennan came to Easton Academy...before Thomas Pearson was murdered...before Noelle Lange ruled Billings House...before Ariana Osgood became Easton's most notorious student, she was just another girl at a boarding school...discover the secret that changed everything. Read more...

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Sucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe)

by Kimberly Pauley
ISBN: 9780786950287
A lighter take on vampires for teens, this chick lit tale is the story of Mina Hamilton, who has to decided whether or not she wants to be a vampire. Her parents are, and they want her dead, or undead, if you prefer. However, if their boring existence is any indication, Mina may just opt to stay human. She has greater worries anyhow, like dating, learning French, hot boy Nathan, and the prom! Read more...

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by Anna Godbersen
ISBN: 9780061345692
Sequel to The Luxe, this novel continues the story of a group of young wealthy Manhattan socialites in the early 20th century. Filled with intrigue, social infighting, romance, and, of course, lavish parties, The Luxe series is like Gossip Girl, only a hundred or so years earlier. Read more...

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