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Conan: The Frost-Giant's Daughter

Author: Mike Carey
ISBN: 9781416984481
Barbarians! Blood! Check out this graphic re-telling of Robert E. Howard's original Conan novels. Read more...

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Umbrella Academy

Author: Gerard Way and Garbiel Ba
Meet the seven special children of the Umbrella Academy: the most dysfunctional family of superheroes ever, in this great graphic novel.

Find out in this first volume what it feels like to be the black sheep when all your brothers and sisters are perfect.


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Final Crisis

Author: Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones
ISBN: 9781401222819
Grant Morrison's DC universe saga makes a lot more sense in this collected version. Read more...

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I Kill Giants

Authors: Joe Kelly and Ken Miimura
ISBN: 1607060922
This graphic novel about a brave, nerdy girl trying to deal with loss will get you thinking and tug at your heartstrings both at once. Read more...

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Peter & Max

Author: Bill Willingham
ISBN: 9781401215736
Fans of the Fables graphic novels are sure to love this dark fantasy story of Peter Piper and his older brother, Max. Includes the secret histories of such fan favorites as Bigby Wolf and Frau Totenkinder! Read more...

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