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Author: Gordon Korman
ISBN: 97800617422286
Bestseller Gordon Korman delivers the perfect story for football season in this book about pranks, girlfriends, and friendship. Read more...

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The Boxer and the Spy

by Robert B. Parker
ISBN: 9780399247750
Edgar Award-winning author Robert B. Parker is most widely known for his best-selling suspense-filled mysteries for adults, including his very popular Spenser detective novels. The Boxer and the Spy is his second novel for young adults, following 2007’s Edenville Owls. In addition to tightly plotted mystery and suspense, both of these novels also have a very strong sports component and should appeal to teenage boys. While Edenville Owls featured basketball and was set in the 1950s, The Boxer and the Spy is a contemporary novel and features boxing. This thriller of a novel tells the story of fifteen-year old boxer Terry Novak who is unconvinced that a classmate’s death was a steroid-related suicide. Terry and his friend Abby begin investigating, only to find out that there is far more going on than meets the eye, and in the dangerous situation they find themselves in, Terry’s boxing skills might be all that can save them. Read more...

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Samurai Shortstop

by Alan Gratz
ISBN: 9780142410998
Toyo Shimada wants to play shortstop for his school’s baseball team, but the upperclassmen treat the lower grades like dirt, bullying and abusing them. At the same time, he must deal with his uncle’s suicide, his father’s adherence to the traditions of bushido, and the clash of his family’s samurai values and an ever-Westernizing Japan. Set in Japan in 1890, this fascinating historical novel shines a light on the clash of values in a culture and modern progress takes root, along with the regular, everyday experiences of a young man. Read more...

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