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Author: Will Peterson
ISBN: 9780763639716
Against a dark and dangerous background, two outsiders try to uncover the secrets of a haunting village. Follow the adventures of Rachel and Adam in the creepy English village of Triskellion--a must-read for mystery fans. Read more...

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The Resistance

by Gemma R. Malley
ISBN: 9781599903026
In this sequel to her outstanding novel, The Declaration, Malley ups the ante on both suspense and social critique. While Anna and Peter may have escaped the horrors of the Grange Hall, the outside world is not without its own problems. Determined to end the Declaration and stop the use of the anti-aging Longevity drug, they infiltrate the pharmaceutical companies which create the drug, only to find that a new drug, Longevity+, designed to actually reverse aging, is being cultivated. And the means to create Longevity+ are even more horrifying than anything they’ve experience or could have imagined. Read more...

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Last Christmas: the Private prequel

by Kate Brian
ISBN: 9781416913696
Prequel to the bestselling Private series by Kate Brian. Before Reed Brennan came to Easton Academy...before Thomas Pearson was murdered...before Noelle Lange ruled Billings House...before Ariana Osgood became Easton's most notorious student, she was just another girl at a boarding school...discover the secret that changed everything. Read more...

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Impossible: a Novel

by Nancy Werlin
ISBN: 9780803730021
Known for her taut thrillers and realistic fiction such as Double Helix and The Rules of Survival, Werlin crafts a page-turner of a fantasy novel that combines all of that and a dash of romance. Plagued by a family curse which drives the women of her family insane at their child’s first birth, seventeen year old Lucy decides to take on the three impossible challenges which can set her free. However, unlike the previous women in her family, Lucy won’t be alone in the undertaking as she has her foster parents and her childhood friend Zack to help her along the way. Read more...

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